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Links to the Best American Crime Reporting, 2007

The Best American Crime Reporting, 2007.

Continuing from yesterday, I provide more links to the stories presented in the Best American Crime Reporting series, this time focusing on the 2007 anthology. The series was published annually from 2002 to 2010. Why did I start with 2008 and then go to 2007? Frankly, I thought 2010 was the weakest in the series and I didn't want to start there and proceed in reverse chronological order. On the other extreme, I am concerned that 2002 will be dominated by impossible-to-find links, so I didn't want to start at the beginning. I thought I would start in the middle with some of the best in the series.

Many classic fictional mysteries were inspired by true crimes, for example, the Ruth Snyder case inspired James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice. In each of the stories linked below, a novel awaits.

2007. Introduction by Linda Fairstein. Personal favorites are starred.*

The Talented Dr. Krist: Steve Fennessy, Atlanta Magazine
The perpetrator of a notorious kidnapping becomes a physician and appears to be trying to go straight after prison. Should he be allowed to leave his past behind?
Double Blind: Matthew Teague, The Atlantic
An undercover agent helps take down the IRA.
A Kiss Before Dying: Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly
A legendary haunting inspires a reporter to dust off a 45 year old killing.
The Devil in David Berkowitz: Steve Fishman, New York*
Born again, David Berkowitz now has Christian advocates.
Dirty Old Women: Ariel Levy, New York
Teachers who seduce their students.
Who Killed Ellen Andros? / Dan P. Lee, Philadelphia*
The prosecution of a police officer plays out between competing Medical Examiners.
Fatal Connection: David Bernstein, Chicago Magazine
The murder of a high class prostitute.
Last Seen September 10th: Mark Fass, New York*
A doctor disappears the day the towers fall.
My Roommate, The Diamond Thief: Brian Boucher. New York
An aspiring writer lucks out by stumbling into a good story.
The Monster of Florence: Douglas Preston, The Atlantic*
A journalist and a crime novelist investigate a series of murders near Florence, Italy and become part of the story.
The Loved Ones: Tom Junod, Esquire*

A riveting account of a New Orleans couple scapegoated for the sins of those who did not adequately respond to Katrina.
The School: C.J. Chivers, Esquire*
Over a thousand students, parents and teachers are taken hostage in a Russian school.

Several in the collection are not available online for the general public.

The Inside Job: Neil Swidey, Boston Globe
A trusted employee pilfers millions. (The link says available from the archives for subscribers)

The Man Who Loves Books Too Much: Allison Hoover Bartlett, San Francisco
A book collector doesn't want to pay for them. This story was converted into a full-length book. The perpetrator, after prison, has returned to his former ways.
The Case of the Killer Priest: Sean Flynn, GQ Magazine
After a quarter century, a priest is brought to trial for the murder of a nun.

Continued with 2006.

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