Saturday, August 1, 2020

Coronavirus Cases, Week Ending July 25

I am late in posting these. Tropical storm Isaias knocked out the electricity for two days and we've had several more blackouts since.

The week ending July 25th saw several of the most populous states peak in new cases, especially Texas and Florida. This makes sense: I wondered how long they could maintain such high levels. This is leading to an overall decline in total number of new cases nationwide. However, a broad number of less populous states have been seeing increases. 

For the week ending June 6th, Maryland had the highest rate of new cases per million population, 904.3. For the week ending July 25th, Maryland had 967.3 new cases per million and ranked 21st.

Alaska will be one to follow. They have increased from 19 new cases per week per million people in May to 742. However, they perform a massive number of tests (highest rate in the nation) and their positivity rate is 1.48% (very good). Mississippi led with 28.9% positivity.

Hawaii, Kentucky, Connecticut, Mississippi and Missouri all increased by 50% or more this past week. 

While the total cases have gone down, the median number of cases have continued to rise. 

Median state and weekly rate of new cases per million population for the last six weeks.

Week 360.6   
Jun. 20      Rhode Island
Week 438.4   
Jun. 27      Virginia
Week 478.2   
Jul. 4        Maryland
Week 608.8   
Jul. 11      North Dakota
Week 766.6   
Jul. 18      Nebraska
Week 861.7   
Jul. 25      Indiana

Here are the states in order of weekly rate of new cases.