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Best in American Crime Reporting, 2010

These posts have marched backwards in time back to the first year of The Best American Crime Writing series (Renamed The Best American Crime Reporting in 2006).  Previous entries have provided links to the stories in the editions from 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002. Now, I'm set to cover the most recent two years. Today, 2010, the last edition.

2010. Edited by Otto Penzler and Thomas B. Cook. Guest editor, Stephen Dubner.

What Whoopi Goldberg (‘Not a Rape-Rape’), Harvey Weinstein (‘So-Called Crime’) et al. Are Saying in Their Outrage Over the Arrest of Roman Polanski, a poem by Calvin Trillin, The Nation.
What Happened to Etan Patz? Lisa R Cohen, New York
After thirty years a father believes he knows who killed his child.
Flesh and Blood, Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly
The seemingly perfect child kills her family.
The Chessboard Killer, Peter Savodnik, GQ
A look at one of the most prolific serial killers.
The Great Buffalo Caper, Maximillian Potter (5280)
The complicated history of a commissioned piece of art.
The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln, Ernest B. Furgurson, The American Scholar
The fate of the troubled soldier who shot John Wilkes Booth.
The Boy Who Heard Too Much, David Kushner, Rolling Stone
A blind teenager takes telephone pranks to a new level.
Bringing Down the Dogmen, Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly
Undercover cops versus dog-fighters.
The Sicario, Charles Bowden, Harper's Magazine
Confessions of a Juarez hit-man.
At the Train Bridge, Calvin Trillin, The New Yorker
Three teenagers are murder at a Michigan train bridge.
Madoff and His Models, Ron Chernow, The New Yorker
The predecessors to Madoff
The Celebrity Defense, Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
More on Polanski
Smooth Jailing, Rick Anderson, Seattle Weekly
A drug dealer named Smooth plays the system.
The Snatchback, Nadya Labi, The Atlantic
Follows a specialist in retrieving children kidnapped in custody battles.
Trial by Fire, David Grann, The New Yorker
The Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham.

In the anthology but not available online:
Sex, Lies, & Videotape, Kevin Gray, Details
The world's greatest playboy conman.

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