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Best American Crime Writing 2005

I am collecting links to those articles available on-line from the true crime reporting series, The Best American Crime Writing. (So far, 2008, 2007 and 2006) Below are links to the articles selected for the 2005 edition.

2005. Edited by Otto Penzler and Thomas H. Cook. Introduction by James Ellroy.

The Girls Next Door: Peter Landesman, New York Times Magazine.
An ordinary suburban house contains young women trafficked for the international sex trade.
The Virus Underground: Clive Thompson, New York Times Magazine.
The computer virus creating community.
The Terror Web: Lawrence Wright, New Yorker
Al Qaeda proves to be internet savvy.
Anatomy of a Foiled Plot: Craig Horowitz, New York
Would-be bombers are foiled in their attempt to attack Herald Square.
To Catch an Oligarch: Justin Kane and Jason Felch, San Francisco Magazine
The former prime minister of Ukraine is put on trial in San Francisco.
A Long Way Down: Bruce Porter, New York Times Magazine
A white-collar criminal in prison for fraud.
The Silver Thief: Stephen J. Dubner, New Yorker
A burglar specializes in the homes of the rich.
Stalking Her Killer: Philip Weiss, New York
Thirty years ago, a Peace Corps worker kills a fellow volunteer. Why didn't he pay for his crimes?
The Self-Destruction of an M.D.: Neil Swidey, Boston Globe
A Boston surgeon abandons his patient on the operating table to cash a paycheck.

This year quite a few articles are not available online. 

The Ones That Got Away: Robert Draper, GQ.
The terrorist bombers of the U.S.S. Cole elude capture.
The Family Man: Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly
A church-going family man also runs the family business of safe-cracking.
Mysterious Circumstances: David Grann, New Yorker*
The chief expert on Sherlock Holmes dies under mysterious circumstances. Available for those with a New Yorker subscription. Preview.
Punch Drunk Love: Jonathan Miles, Men's Journal.
The allure of the bar fight.
Fine Disturbances: Jeff Tietz, New Yorker
Border agents patrol the US-Mexican border. Available for those with a New Yorker subscription. Preview.
Social Disgraces: Debra Miller Landau, Atlanta Magazine
Twenty-five years after murdering his wife, millionaire James Sullivan faces a trial. (update: he was found guilty)
Choirboys: James Ellroy.
In an essay specially written for the anthology, Ellroy describes his troubled past and his inspiration to write. 

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