Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review of Ann Parker's What Gold Buys

Like the previous novels in this mystery series, Ann Parker sets What Gold Buys high up in Leadville, Colorado where, in 1880, all of the townsfolk were prospectors of a sort. Some made their wealth from the silver mines while others shook coins loose in gambling parlors and saloons, or in hotels and brothels. Even the poor and those who lived in the hovels of alleyways scratched for bits of wealth. The protagonist and sleuth of this series, Inez Stannert is on the brink of a divorce in a time when a woman divorcing is a losing hand. A saloon keeper, she stays strong because she has to and pulls through because she knows how to play the long odds.

Like the tones and tans and grit of this story, the romance and suspense feel natural. The murders are a horror happened upon. Young Antonia lives in a shack in an alleyway with her mother, a fortuneteller. She practices her quick draw for the day when her mother's mysterious benefactor will return. When her mother is murdered she, along with a ghoulish cast, become suspects.

The suspense builds as we are taken into an undertaker's parlor reminiscent of the Bates Motel. Inez and Antonia function as equals to unravel the mystery which climaxes at a séance.

A fun read, especially for those who like to be transported to another place and time.

What Gold Buys: Author's site.

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