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A Map to Tesla's Manhattan

This 1895 map identifies the locations of the major sites for the half century in which Nikola Tesla lived, worked and relaxed in Manhattan. The legend to the sites is below.

1895 Map of Manhattan. Tesla residences, laboratories, businesses and hangouts are labelled in yellow. Note: I had difficulty seeing this image at a large-enough size in one browser I tested. Perhaps it needs to be downloaded for better viewing.


Designation on map. Years; Address.
1. 1887-89; 89 Liberty Street
2. 1889-91; 175 Grand Street
3. 1891-95; 33-35 S. Fifth Avenue
4. 1896-1902?; 45-47 E. Houston Street

Designation on map. Years; Address
A. 1889-1892; Astor House Hotel, Manhattan.
Broadway between Vesey and Barclay Street.
B. September 1892-1899; Gerlach Hotel.
49 W 27th St., Manhattan
C. 1899-1917?; Waldorf-Astoria, Manhattan.
Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street.
D. 1918; Hotel St. Regis. Room number 1607.
2 E. 55th St. Manhattan.
E. 1923; Hotel Marguery.
270 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
F. 1925; Hotel Pennsylvania. Manhattan.
401 Seventh Avenue, Manhattan.
G. 1930; Hotel Governor Clinton.
371 Seventh Ave.  Manhattan.
H. January 2nd, 1934-43; New Yorker Hotel, Room 3327.
481 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan.

Business Addresses (excluding laboratories)

Designation on map. Year first mentioned in business, corporation directories; Business name; Address.

a. 1890; 16 Broad Street
b. 1897; 15 Broad Street
c. 1906; Tesla Machine Co. (N.Y.) 17 Battery Pl., Rm 1403. Rm. 1410 in 1908.
d. 1909; Tesla Electro-Therapeutic Co. (N. Y.) 111 Broadway Rm. 1401. Rm. 901 in 1911. Also in 1911 at this address, Tesla Ozone Co. (N. Y.).
e. 1911; Tesla International Propulsion Co. of N. Y. (N. Y.) 202 Metropolitan Tower
f. 1918-1919; Tesla Co, Inc (N Y), 8 W 40th Rm. 2006. Also with a separate listing at this address: Tesla Nikola Co, Inc.

Social Addresses.

+ Players Club
16 Gramercy Park, South.
East 20th between Park Avenue and Irving.
Founded 1888 by Edwin Booth. Still active.

% The Engineers Club
32 West 40th St, New York
Plaque onsite commemorates Tesla among other great engineers.

* Delmonico's.
Tesla was a noted patron of Delmonico's Restaurant (founded 1827, revived and currently operating). The location on 44th Street was the one with which he was most associated, however, other locations were prominent during his time in New York and were located near others of his residences and places of business.
* 2 South William Street. 1837 to 1917. The revived restaurant is at this address.
a. 22 Broad Street. 1865 to 1893. (next door to business address 16 Broad listed above)
* Fifth Avenue and 26th Street. 1876 to 1899.
* Fifth Avenue and 44th Street. 1897 to 1923.

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