Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tesla's Home Addresses, 1889-1943

Here in my exploration of the life of Nikola Tesla, I am listing his home addresses beginning in 1889. There is a common theme to his residences: the grandest or most modern choice of its day.

Home Addresses:

1889-1892 Astor House Hotel, Manhattan.
Broadway between Vesey and Barclay Street.
Built 1836. Torn down 1913.

Astor House as it appeared near the end of its existence.

September 1892-1899 Gerlach Hotel.
49 W 27th St., Manhattan
North side of 27th, near Sixth Ave.
Built 1883. Still standing and now called The Radio Wave Building in honor of Tesla.

 Gerlach Hotel, approximately 1900. Then renamed Earlington.

For a period beginning May 1899  Alta Vista Hotel Room 207, Colorado Springs, CO.
Built 1889. Demolished 1963.

Alta Vista Hotel, Colorado Springs.

1899-1917? Waldorf-Astoria, Manhattan.
Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street.
Built: 1893 (Waldorf) and 1897 (Astoria), demolished 1929 to make way for the Empire State Building.
For a time the largest hotel in the world.

 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

July 1917 - November 1918: Blackstone Hotel.
Corner of Michigan and Balbo Street, Chicago, IL.
Built 1910, still standing.

 Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, circa 1920.

1918: Hotel St. Regis. Room number 1607.
2 E. 55th St. Manhattan.
Near 5th Avenue.
Built 1904. Still standing.
St Regis Hotel as it appeared in 1905.

1923: Hotel Marguery.
270 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
West side of Park Ave. between 47th and 48th.
Built 1917. Demolished 1947.

Hotel Marguery

1925: Hotel Pennsylvania. Manhattan.
401 Seventh Avenue, Manhattan.
Seventh Avenue between 32nd and 33rd.
Built 1919. Still standing.

Hotel Pennsylvania, approximately 1920.

1930: Hotel Governor Clinton.
371 Seventh Ave.  Manhattan.
Seventh Avenue at 31st Street.
Built 1929. Still standing.

January 2nd, 1934 - 1943: New Yorker Hotel, Room 3327.
481 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan.
Eighth Avenue at West 35th.
Built 1930. Still standing.

Hotel New Yorker

January 7th, 1943. Tesla Moves to Elysium.

Martin Hill Ortiz, also writing under the name, Martin Hill, is the author of A Predatory Mind. Its sequel, set in 1890s Manhattan and titled A Predator's Game, features Nikola Tesla as a dective and will be available from Rook's Page Publishing, March 28, 2016.  (More details coming soon.)
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